SFRB Presents: My Name Is A'yen, part 6

After a long break for the summer with SFRBP on holiday, and me being gone the last two Saturdays, I'm once again participating in The SFR Brigade Presents.

I'm going back to my first completed SFR, My Name Is A'yen. It's been through another edit since the last time I shared from it, and has another to go. I entered it in the Rebecca contest hosted by the LERA RWA chapter. Didn't final, but got some great feedback.

Here's part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5. You don't have to read them, but this is a romance and the first meeting is pretty important. Go to part 1 for that.

He leaned against the wall, back of his head touching the cool metal. Dr. Hart brushed his arm. “You look a little lost.”
First step to trusting her was talking to her. “I don’t have a purpose anymore. Everything I used to do no longer exists.”
She took his hand, rubbed her thumb across the top. “Not true, A’yen. You know about stars, and now I’m going to teach you about archaeology. There’s a lot to learn and you only have a month.”
She released his hand and held her empty one out to him, palm up. First he stared at her hand, then her eyes. Everything in him missed physical contact with another person. Hell, missed sexual contact. The way it made him feel. The way he made his partner feel. He’d never been with a human woman on his own terms before and he wanted it. Really wanted it.
Master’s voice whispered in his memory. Patience. Desire alone wasn’t enough to sustain a relationship or reveal his secrets. Master could have taken him at any point, but he never did. It must be mutual, or he really was nothing more than a slave.
He placed his hand in hers. Green eyes flicked to his hand, the storm gray cuff around his wrist, then up to his face. As if she knew what she asked of him, and what it cost him to say yes. “Let’s get one thing clear. I am not a lab rat to be molded to your specifications.”


  1. Some interesting tension running through this scene.

  2. Wow, very intense and I was fascinated by his thoughts. Excellent excerpt!