SFRB Presents: Fear The Light, part 1

I'm hard at work on a new series I'm calling the Slipstream Network. I'll do some stuff later about how it's evolved and who the characters are. It's called Fear The Light, and of course is SFR. I present to you the first bit of my opening scene.

 His scent filled her head, winding into places she’d locked away fifteen years ago. She’d kept her distance, trying to keep him safe from her father’s interference. Still, he suffered. Like every other tracker. But she couldn’t free them all. This one would have to do.
She rapped her knuckles on the door and waited. The lieutenant in charge of this mission cracked it, then opened it all the way and snapped to attention. “Major Serikova. We weren’t expecting you.”
“I can see that.” She shut the door behind her and scanned the room. A door joined two rooms and stood open. Through it she saw the other three members of the team lounging on the beds eating their supper.
But it was the man in the corner who drew her attention. He was on his knees, arms behind his back with his hands tied to his elbows. A leather muzzle covered his mouth and his head was tilted back, exposing the silver collar choking him. Muscles trembled and his gorgeous blue eyes were closed. If he remembered her scent he was doing a damn fine job of covering it up.
She stalked to his side, her back to her men, and had to fight back tears. A rope connected the back of the muzzle to his arms, and more rope wrapped bare ankles and the soles of his feet. She whirled on the lieutenant. “What do you think you’re doing? Have you any idea how difficult it is to bring another tracker out here?”