SFR Brigade Presents: Hidden In Ashes, part 1

The last time I participated I was sharing stuff from my Slipstream Network series. Which I'm not actively writing on at the moment, even though I should be. Why am I not writing on it? Because I'm too caught up in the second arc of A'yen's Legacy. You all are the second set of eyes to ever see the opening paragraphs of Hidden In Ashes.

 Lorin sank into the hot water of his private mineral pond. Every inch of his body ached from exhaustion, despite the last twenty-four hours spent sound asleep. Mistress didn’t believe in allowing him to actually rest during his two week sabbatical every year. No, he had to keep her pleased and sated while ignoring his own needs.
He went to the side, folded his arms on the ledge, and rested his head on the pillow with his eyes closed. Air jets kept the water moving. Soft splashing at the steps told him Cynda was coming in to rub his back. Three seconds and her hands began working with slow, gentle strokes. He sighed in pleasure.
Too bad no magic hands existed to ease the soreness in his tongue.
“I don’t understand why she won’t let me come with you.”
“Because she knows you’ll make her leave me alone and she can’t have that.”
“You’re a daro, Lorin. Not a common whore.”
Except when he spent time with Mistress he felt like a common whore. Even when he was flawless, in his opinion, she found something to criticize. “Maybe she’ll drop dead. I don’t think any of the girls would care about claiming me.” He groaned as she pressed into one of the knots in his shoulders to ease it.

This one opens on the planet of Marcase, home of the people responsible for enslaving A'yen's race 2,000 years ago. It's about Lorin, a Lokmane, and Sunny, the Marcasian high noble who reluctantly owns him. And of course it's about how they fall in love and make their way through the mountain of obstacles standing in the way of their happily ever after.


  1. Nice scene. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Very intriguing beginning to the tale - excellent excerpt!