New shifter release!

Snow leopard shifter Blair Kincade is an alpha without a pride. All he wants is the truth of what happened to the pride he was born in. Meeting a visiting snow leopard from Russia turns into finding those answers. And meeting his mate. But getting justice for what happened might destroy her. Learn More»

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They've taken everything from him. Except his name. A'yen Mesu is a Loks Mé slave searching for freedom, still grieving the death of his lover a year ago. His new owner is searching for his homeworld--a world he doesn't believe ever existed. When she finds it, he'll do anything to protect her so the truth can be told. Even if it costs him his heart. Choose your store»

New SFR Release!

Disgraced PSF officer Adrian Khalid has accepted an appointment from the emperor to help Lok'ma build a military. Meeting the woman who saved his sanity turns his world inside out. So does finding out the best friend he thought dead is still alive. And running out of time. Learn More»