Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quilts

I love quilts. There's so much variety in the patterns and colors you can put together. I've had quilts on my bed for years and much prefer them to comforters.

My favorite pattern is the Double Wedding Ring, as shown here. This quilt is on my bed, and unfortunately is not handmade. I bought it. Favorite pattern AND favorite color scheme? Yes please!

I've participated in making a quilt entirely by hand. Queen sized no less. It was an Irish Chain pattern and a lot of fun. It's on my sister's bed.

Quilting is a very old artform, dating back over a thousand years. Women of all social classes did it. Scraps and worn out clothing/sheets/drapes were saved to turn into quilts. Some patterns came about because that's the only way the scraps could be fit together. Others were designed and published in ladies magazines.

Then there's Victorian crazy quilts, which are a whole 'nother thing, and a lot of fun to look at. There's no pattern to them, no color scheme. Just random bits of fabric sewn together and decorated with embroidery.

Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Purple

So, by now you may have noticed a theme. I have a thing for purple. More of an obsession, really. My blog theme is purple. My browser is purple. The windows border and task bar on my laptop is purple. The sticker on the lid of my laptop is purple. The journal I wrote out my alphabet list in is purple, and I wrote it with purple ink. My current laptop wallpaper is purple themed watercolor irises. The silk irises on my desk are purple. My favorite bath towel is purple.

The quilt on my bed is purple. My Nook cover is purple. My laptop sleeve is purple. Half my clothes are purple. My desk accessories are purple. My earbuds are purple. Heck, for a little while I even had a purple car! A Chevy Equinox. Sadly I no longer have it. I loved that car.

Since Gmail rolled out custom themes where we can set our own pictures, my Gmail background is now lavender irises.

Once, in a fortune cookie, I got the best fortune ever. "Focus on the color purple today. It will bring you luck."

Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Orchids

My other favorite flower is the orchid. There's so much variety in the species, and thanks to creative breeding SO MANY COLORS!

I want to grow them, but so far I haven't managed to keep the easiest kind alive due to lack of a good place to put it. They need a certain kind of light, and I haven't found the magic spot in the house yet. Ah well, one of these days I'll find it! And then look out, orchid growing here I com.

Until then I content myself with silk ones. And by having a character in my A'yen's Legacy series grow them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nebulas

I write science fiction romance. I also have a thing for nebulas. They're so incredible to look at, and two imaginary ones feature prominently in my A'yen's Legacy series. Which is unpublished, but making the rounds. If a publisher doesn't bite I plan to self-pub it once I have the money to do it right.

My Pinterest board of Cool Space Stuff is mostly nebulas, with a few galaxies and stunning shots of the Milky Way for variety. The wallpaper on my Galaxy phone is a composite image of the Orion nebula that is probably the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen online. It's available as a Chrome theme too, but the way the colors are done makes reading what my tabs are impossible. *le sigh*

The Horse Head nebula is another pretty one, and the Rosette nebula is just plain cool.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Mermaids

If I could be any mythical creature I'd be a mermaid. It started when I was six and saw Disney's The Little Mermaid. I love the original story, too.

As I've grown up, my love of mermaids has expanded into the realm of fantasy art, and one artist in particular. Selina Fenech, an Australian fantasy artist. Her mermaids are AMAZING!!!! The mermaid featured in this post is the one that made me fall in love with her mermaids.

I'm a fan of her in general, but her mermaids are pretty special.

Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Louisiana

I live in Louisiana, and it's finally spring! We had a really cold winter, and almost six inches of snow spread over two and a half weeks. To put the snow in perspective: The last time we had that much snow (not ice or frozen rain, but SNOW) it was barely the 20th century.

In honor of spring finally arriving and sticking around I offer a tour of my yard. Spring in bloom, Louisiana style!
Clematis vine out front. Bloom on the right opened today, bloom on the left is about done.

Azaleas! The flower most associated with the South. We have two colors in our yard, fuchsia and hot pink.

Joseph's Coat climbing rose. The blooms change color as they age. It's very pretty.

Bridal wreath bush behind the pool.

Irises!! By the time this goes up the rain will probably have beaten them down, so I cut some blooms and brought them inside. Funny story about these irises. When we dug them up at my Mimi's house almost twenty years ago they were purple. When they bloomed next they had turned white... And they've been white ever since.

Wild violets. Past their prime, but still pretty. There's a huge patch of them outside one of the back bedrooms.

And there you have it, the beauty of a Louisiana yard in the spring.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Knitting

Cross-stitch is not my only craft, though it is my favorite. I also knit.

This is a sock I'm working on. Been working on it for awhile now, because I don't knit as often as I do cross-stitch. The yarn is a cotton-bamboo blend and SO SOFT!!

I mostly taught myself how to knit, and my favorite reference book is called Stitch 'N Bitch, by Debbie Stoller. I'm working my way toward doing lace knitting, because I have a thing for lace. When I crochet it tends to be doilies and things like that.

Yes, I crochet too. My Mimi taught me how when I was 11.
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