Ebook Formatting

A well formatted ebook is essential to a good reading experience. Bad formatting can make a reader put it down, or worse, delete it. Amazon is also cracking down on badly formatted books. As someone who formats my own, and reads a lot of ebooks, I know how important it is to have a beautiful, functioning ebook.

I now offer ebook formatting services, specializing in epubs for Amazon and wide distribution. The files include a customized, navigable NCX Table of Contents, which KDP now requires. A mobi file is also included for the author's use as an ARC or giveaway.

I have experience with single title novels, as well as multi-author anthologies and single author box sets.

Turnaround time is less than one week.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, I do not offer Smashwords document formatting. I will, however, provide an epub that meets their requirements.

formatting does not include editing services
(but if I see typos or similar errors, I'll let you know)

What's included:
  • NCX Table of Contents, with author's choice of additional embedding in the front of the file (per KDP's current policies)
  • One vendor specific epub with backmatter links to other titles
  • One epub with no buy links
  • Formatted mobi file for author's use
  • PDF

Manuscripts under 25K: $25
Manuscripts from 25K to 100K: $35
Manuscripts 100K and up: $40

Back matter link updates to previous files: $8 per file
Anthology and box set: Minimum $55 
final price dependent on length and TOC structure

HTML editing of messy epub files is also available. I have to see the file before I can provide a quote.

Interested? Send an email to formatting@rachelleighsmith.com to get started.