How to recharge this geek's creative batteries

Nerdgasm and geekgasm are fun words. Especially in a house full of geeks, or when watching one's nerdy brother play Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter for the first time. You get your supplies at Zumdish's Intergalactic Department Store, fyi. Major geek points if you know what that's from!

There aren't any nifty words for the opposite effect, though. Which I've been in for the last few weeks when I discovered Farscape was no longer on Netflix streaming. My brother has it all on DVD, but he's three hours away. Most inconvenient when the sudden need for Farscape hits.
The whole fam are recent converts to Fringe, which is free for streaming to Amazon Prime members. Yay! But I watch it with my sister so we don't get all mixed up like we did with Doctor Who and have to remember who's seen which episode and where we left off together.

She went to bed before me the other night, when we were watching Fringe, and I'm sitting there feeling the need to recharge the creative juices. But there's no Farscape on Netflix and last time I checked it on Amazon Prime it wasn't free. What the heck, I'll check again. Boom! Free for Amazon Prime members!!

One happy geek with creative juices recharged: Check.


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