SFR Brigade Presents: Worth Fighting For

I'm deep into edits on The King's Mistress, while still writing on the current WIP. The current WIP, Worth Fighting For, is what I've decided to share today. Here's the back cover blurb I'm working off of:

After pissing off his mistress for the millionth time she leaves Varune on his home world with a farmer. To teach him how easy his life is. Marcasian raiders kill the farmer and Varune takes his chance. He strikes a deal with the man's children: to lead them to safety in exchange for being reported as dead when they reach their aunt in Capital City.

Beth Harrison wants a better life for her brothers and sisters, not one with an abusive father who drinks too much. News of the raids in her home province send her home with one thought: find her siblings and get the hell off Corsica.
Finding her siblings in the company of a slave is the least of her problems.
Warring logging companies in the Corsican forests push her further from her goal, and Varune ever closer to his. Suspicion gives way to friendship and the possibility of something more. Beth's found something worth fighting for. The real question is has Varune?

This one is playing out a little different than I'm used to with a romance. Varune and Beth don't meet until chapter five, page 44 to be exact. That's just how it worked out. And so I introduce Varune, a man so set on being free that he may destroy the best thing to ever happen to him.
The oldest Harrison child held the key to freedom in his hand. “My father’s dead.”

“I’d say I’m sorry but I know you don’t really miss him.”

The boy slid back a step. Clenched the key in his fist. “How do you know how I feel about him?”

Varune studied the boy. No older than fourteen, all arms and legs, firmly in the most awkward stage of human development. “It’s how I survive. I’ve seen the way you protect your siblings from him and heard him yelling at you.” He eased to his feet. “Daniel, right?”

Daniel nodded. “My father said you’re dangerous.”

“I’m not.” He stood with his feet shoulder-width apart, hands in front of him, not moving. If he wanted out of here he had to win Daniel’s trust.

“I know he doesn’t own you. He can’t afford to buy a slave. Why are you here?”

Winning a child’s trust meant telling the truth. Telling the truth meant a chance to escape and disappear into the forest and mountains he loved. “I pissed my mistress off one too many times and she left me here to teach me a lesson about how good life with her is. I also know every inch of the forests between here and Capital City.”