A Lament for Copper

courtesy of BBC America
Certain TV shows are food for my muse. Others are pure eye candy. Others feed my love of history. Sometimes, all three converge. Like in Copper on BBC America.

While watching Doctor Who last fall they kept advertising Copper, set in NYC in 1864, just after the draft riots. Civil War? In a BBC costume drama? SO there! I was hooked from the first episode.

Then the lead actor, Tom Weston-Jones, became A'yen, my space opera hero. I pretty much screamed when a second season was announced, and waited not so patiently for it to start airing this summer. I'm totally invested in the show, the characters, the sets, the costumes, the relationships. Totally. Invested.

Then last week I find out it's not getting a third season. This wouldn't usually be a problem, except BBC America pulled a Sci-Fi Channel on Farscape and announced it AFTER filming wrapped on the season finale. I recorded it Sunday night because I was Fringe binging with my sister, and watched it last night.

Come on, BBCA! You can't do this to me and Copper's fans! You can't put Richie and Lola's bodies into barrels, leave them on the floor of Paradise, have Eva nowhere to be found, and call that a series finale. You just CAN'T. Not when I'm totally convinced Eva's baby is actually Corky's and Corky still hasn't fully made up with Francis.

Kudos for wrapping up the second season arc and answering the questions about why Corky, Morehouse, and Matthew are bonded together. It was an amazing setup with Eva's disappearance and Tammany Hall for a third season. And now you won't give us one.

I'm upset, BBCA. Very upset.


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