L is for Louisiana

I live in Louisiana, and it's finally spring! We had a really cold winter, and almost six inches of snow spread over two and a half weeks. To put the snow in perspective: The last time we had that much snow (not ice or frozen rain, but SNOW) it was barely the 20th century.

In honor of spring finally arriving and sticking around I offer a tour of my yard. Spring in bloom, Louisiana style!
Clematis vine out front. Bloom on the right opened today, bloom on the left is about done.

Azaleas! The flower most associated with the South. We have two colors in our yard, fuchsia and hot pink.

Joseph's Coat climbing rose. The blooms change color as they age. It's very pretty.

Bridal wreath bush behind the pool.

Irises!! By the time this goes up the rain will probably have beaten them down, so I cut some blooms and brought them inside. Funny story about these irises. When we dug them up at my Mimi's house almost twenty years ago they were purple. When they bloomed next they had turned white... And they've been white ever since.

Wild violets. Past their prime, but still pretty. There's a huge patch of them outside one of the back bedrooms.

And there you have it, the beauty of a Louisiana yard in the spring.


  1. It's so nice to see flowers! I hear up north, they're getting snow.