We're Alive has Romance?

We're Alive: A Zombie Survival Story
My brothers and sister have been on the We're Alive bandwagon for awhile now. Not since 2009, but at least since last year.

I knew about it, but hadn't started listening yet, except for what I overheard coming from my sister's room.

Went to see my grandparents last week, and on the way up and back we listened to We're Alive. It's official. I'm hooked.

Being a romance writer, naturally one thing jumped out immediately: the budding romance between Saul and Lizzie.

I'm still in season one, so I have no idea how it all plays out. But I'm really liking it. It's very real, has a nice progression, isn't lust in disguise, and has them actually interacting as people. It's refreshing.

At this point I'm also pulling for Michael and Riley. And for where I'm at, for Michael to not be dead!


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