My sister thinks I'm crazy...

My sister thinks I'm crazy, and she might be right. I'm posting snippets right now from Fear The Light, the first book in the Slipstream Network series, but I'm actually working on the second arc of the space opera. And I'm having a lot of new character experiences with my heroine, Sunny.

Sunny is, without doubt, the most formed heroine to ever walk into my head. She arrived with her own fashion sense, her hangups, her lie, her armor. Last week I found her perfume, which is a first for me. The way Sunny dresses is inspired by my sister, and her perfume is a scent my sister bought a couple weeks ago. I'm nosy. When she gets new perfumes I smell them to see if they'll give me a headache like her Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue.

I have allergies and I'm not a perfume person. While other authors can peg a scent to every character they create, I've got nothing. I don't even think about it because sniffing and testing perfumes is not something I can do for more than five minutes unless I want an allergy headache from hell. For Sunny to tell me she wears a specific scent ALL THE TIME is so beyond weird.

What does she wear? It's called Caribbean Salsa, from Ten Digit Creations. Their scent description lists it as "sweet pineapple, bright citrus, and fresh peach infused with the exotic Yuzu flower and Tahitian vanilla." It's a bright and vibrant scent. Like Sunny.


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